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elluminate for Medical Review

Let’s Hear It for the “Human-in-the-Loop” – AI/ML and The Data Manager

elluminate for Medical Review

Clinical development understands the value of AI/ML and there is intent to shift from hype to reality, with companies working to operationalize strategies. Still, many are relatively early in the adoption curve. “Human intervention” often enters industry conversation around AI/ML at a high level, in the context of regulatory guidance, oversight, or job security. But AI adoption means getting more specific about the human’s role – which includes providing necessary supervision and reducing risk, but also fine-tuning models, actioning decisions and finding new, efficient ways to work smarter using this intelligence.

SCDM Learning hub

Enter the Data Manager – the data steward and THE key human in the loop for so many of clinical development’s practical AI/ML applications. This webinar will discuss what the human in the loop is expected to do with AI/ML, their user experience, and the value at the practitioner level.

What You Will Learn

  • Bring AI/ML to the forefront for data management – take the conversation out of the hypothetical and into reality with perspectives from data managers using AI today
  • Understand clinically relevant AI use cases, and how a data manager uses these outputs to augment their data review
  • How AI-enabled data review can evolve and accelerate the typical workflow for future-readiness
  • Take a deeper dive into how data management informs, adopts, and utilizes artificial intelligence

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be beneficial to CCDM and CCDS.


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