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2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation

Clinical Data Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

How are industry leaders responding to this evolving landscape?

Building on insights from its inaugural survey, eClinical Solutions polled over 70 clinical operations, data management, statistical programming, and data science professionals from 50 organizations to uncover impactful industry trends and ‘on the ground’ experiences of clinical data transformation. The Industry Outlook 2024 reveals the top data challenges and opportunities for sponsors as trial complexity and cycle time pressures continue to increase and advanced technologies such as AI and ML become more prevalent across the industry.

In this ebook, we share the exclusive findings from this survey, and reveal the top priorities, pain points, and opportunities for leaders as they navigate the complex clinical data landscape. With commentary by Katrina Rice, Chief Delivery Officer at eClinical Solutions, Diane LaCroix, VP of Clinical Data Management at eClinical Solutions, and Sandy Ng, VP of Data Science at eClinical Solutions, the ebook explores the state of AI adoption across organizations, external data use trends, cycle time reduction challenges and the potential implications for the industry in the year ahead.

Download the Industry Outlook 2024 ebook for insights including:

  • The top trends expected to impact trial efficiency and outcomes in the next 12 months and the most effective strategies for addressing growing trial complexity.
  • Top external data sources routinely used within clinical trials—and the ones lagging in adoption.
  • The status of AI adoption across the industry and steps to harness its potential.
  • Industry-reported average cycle times from EDC implementation to insights—and opportunities to improve.