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Operational Insights

Optimize Trial Performance with Operational Insights & Automation

elluminate Operational Insights centralizes all your trial operations data and offers built-in automation and analytics to enable greater trial efficiency and proactive oversight.

Increase Operational Oversight & Control

Operational Analytics provides clinical operations teams with a single location for operations data from CROs and other sources. Designed for companies that outsource much of their operations, elluminate’s Operational Analytics solution is right-sized for efficiency at any scale. With access to an operational data repository (ODR), investigator database, and self-service analytics, your team can proactively manage trials, risk, and oversight across the portfolio.

  • Automate the flow of your operational data to one centralized platform. The ODR aggregates data from various sources and creates visibility across the development portfolio.
  • Operational data from CRO managed studies are automatically integrated, scheduled, and verified for quality and consistency. All operational data is harmonized via a metadata rules-driven engine.
  • Mine and analyze your investigator data to optimize investigator relationships overtime. Information on investigational products, programs, trials, sites, investigators, and personnel are available for review and analysis.

Platform Benefits

Part of the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud®, Operational Insights is a suite of products designed to simplify operational data management processes and enable more efficient trial oversight. The unified platform provides a central location for all trial data from acquisition through analytics, enabling users to:

  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives with the foundation of a proven, flexible technology platform
  • Automate and streamline your clinical data pipeline with standardization of all data types and formats for one central source of truth
  • Maximize the value of the data you collect with self-service access and analytics across studies and programs


The elluminate implementation team focuses on ensuring clients maximize the value of their clinical trial software investment quickly. Consultants use in-depth drug development knowledge and clinical data analytics expertise to facilitate elluminate rollout, training and adoption.


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