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Sample Management Analytics

30-minute intro to elluminate Sample Management Analytics

Automate manual tracking processes for increased accuracy & greater efficiencies

Part of the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud®, Sample Management Analytics enables you to track all of your trial samples from a single platform. With built in automation for data reconciliation, sample journey visualizations, and statistical reports, Sample Management Analytics enables you to track samples in real-time to proactively identify issues and mitigate potential roadblocks.

Streamline sample tracking processes with data flow automation

Streamline sample tracking processes with data flow automation. With more trials relying on biomarker samples as end points, tracking and managing sample data has become a critical element of trial operations. While the volume, type, and frequency of samples vary from trial to trial, even a small study can generate a large amount of sample-related data. With numerous labs involved, it is a continuous challenge to track and evaluate the status of individual samples. Sample Management Analytics provides a foundation to streamline sample tracking processes and remove the need for manual data reconciliation and spreadsheet trackers. With elluminate Sample Management Analytics:

  • Map and automate sample data flow across vendors to simplify data transformation processes
  • Automate EDC / lab manifest collection and data set reconciliation processes for increased efficiency and real-time visibility

Real-time analytics & metrics for better decision-making

With up-to-date analytics, issues are proactively identified so that corrections can be made at the source. As a result, the accuracy of reporting is improved, decision-making based on invalid data is eliminated, and the risk of running into costly downstream errors is reduced. elluminate Sample Management Analytics provides:

  • Visualizations to track the status of the sample ecosystem and lifecycle in real-time, including sample location and viability tracking to help forecast data for analysis
  • Out-of-the box analytics ranging from basic metrics to complex flow tracking so you can access the exact information you need at any point in the sample journey
  • An extensible base platform for future analytics using sample collection and biometric lab data
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Our ability to now track samples as they’re being handed off from one vendor to the next and then eventually back to Jounce Therapeutics has been very useful in helping us make these real time decisions

Manny Lazaro SVP, Clinical Development Operations, Jounce Therapeutics

ENGAGE 2024- October 10-11, Boston.