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Helping biopharma manage modern trials

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About eClinical Solutions

eClinical Solutions’ data & analytics platform and biometrics services experts help biopharma researchers around the world manage trial complexity faster. Clients gain accurate and timely data insights for better decision-making – so they can reduce cycle times, improve productivity, easily scale, and develop tomorrow’s breakthroughs with today’s resources.

Core Values

We care for our people and provide them with opportunities to realize their full potential.

We honor authenticity, sharing your knowledge, exercising your right to disagree, and being open to change.

We deliver awesomeness, earn trust, and win customers for life.

We think big to transform and break boundaries with innovative solutions.


eClinical Solutions was formed to address specific needs our leadership identified firsthand – to provide unique and high-quality solutions for the efficient collection, standardization, reporting and role-based utilization of clinical research data. With extensive life sciences experience and a shared dedication to industry innovation, our leaders are driven to help eClinical clients maximize the value of their clinical data.

Raj Indupuri

CEO, eClinical Solutions

Bob Arnesen

President and Co-Founder, eClinical Solutions

Sam Anwar

Chief Technology Officer, eClinical Solutions

Marty Roche

Chief Business Officer, eClinical Solutions

Vidhi Goel

Chief Marketing Officer, eClinical Solutions

Katrina Rice

Chief Delivery Officer, Biometrics Services, eClinical Solutions

Stephen Connolly

Chief Financial Officer, eClinical Solutions

Venu Mallarapu

Vice President, Global Strategy and Operations, eClinical Solutions

Chandra Koduru

Vice President & Head, India Operations, eClinical Solutions

Robert Musterer

Vice President, Product Management, eClinical Solutions

Sreekanth Gudapati

Vice President, elluminate Services, eClinical Solutions

Evan Grunbaum

Vice President, Quality and Compliance, eClinical Solutions

Gary Kilzer

Vice President, People and Culture, eClinical Solutions

Jay Maiona

Vice President, General Counsel, eClinical Solutions

Kasey Konkey

Vice President, Project Management Office, eClinical Solutions

Board of Directors

Guiding the success of eClinical Solutions with a shared purpose and a focus on innovation in life sciences to help bring therapies to patients faster.

Bharat Agrawal

Chairman of the Board, eClinical Solutions

Mike Mancuso

Board Member, eClinical Solutions

Mark deLaar

Board Member

Raj Indupuri

CEO, eClinical Solutions

Bob Arnesen

President and Co-Founder, eClinical Solutions

eClinical Milestones


The Beginning
Founding of eClinical Solutions
Rave Center of Excellence & Data Management
elluminate® Clinical Data Repository

Analytics Abstract Background


Expanded Technology – Enable Data Services with elluminate
elluminate Analytics


Three additional Rave Certifications
elluminate Clinical Trial Operational Analytics


Biostats & Programming Services
elluminate Mapper
elluminate RBM

Abstract connected dots and lines


Expanded Medidata Cloud Accreditations

Data Central Timeline Background


elluminate Data Central


ISS/ISE Services
elluminate CTMS Insights


Services Evolutions for Decentralized Trials
elluminate RBQM


elluminate SCE
elluminate Sample Management Analytics
elluminate Operational Insights
eIQ Review

Team working together

Work with us

At eClinical Solutions, you have the opportunity to support meaningful work while being surrounded by a team committed to helping you succeed. We’re driven by a sense of purpose knowing that each day, our efforts as a company empower our clients and simplify access to critical trial data.

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