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Cross-functional training to support efficient adoption

Learning resources designed by elluminate experts

Our comprehensive training resources are designed to fuel our elluminate® users. Whether you’re new to elluminate or an experienced user, our training programs have something for everyone.

Designed for users who are responsible for data review and analysis. Ideal for users incorporating elluminate into their day-to-day.

Our End User Training sessions include the following core courses:

  • elluminate Overview
  • Data Central
  • Analytics (CDA and CTOA)

Depending on your use of elluminate, you may also have the following trainings available to you:

  • Data Central Visualizations
  • RBQM
  • RACT
  • Sample Management Analytics
  • Operational Data Repository (ODR)
  • Operational Oversight

Designed for users who are responsible for adding studies and users to elluminate and then configuring the studies for use.

Our Enablement sessions include the following core courses:

  • System Administration
  • User Administration
  • Core Mapper
  • Mapper for Data Central
  • Mapper for CDA / SDTM
  • Mapper for CTOA
  • Data Central Configuration
  • Patient Profile Configuration
  • Configuring and Publishing Analytics

Depending on your use of elluminate, you may also have the following trainings available to you:

  • Data Central Visualizations
  • RBQM Configuration
  • RACT Configuration
  • Statistical Computing Environment (SCE)
  • Specifications
  • Exporter
  • Importer

Designed for users who have already been through training and now want to gain advanced insight into different modules within elluminate. Users who complete a certification course receive a digital certificate and badge.

Our Certification courses provide users with a deeper understanding and insight into a specific topic. These courses are meant for current users of the platform to allow for robust discussions where we can share and learn from how others are using it.

The Data Central Certification course includes the following topics:

  • How eClinical uses Data Central
  • Insight into the configuration of Data Central – just enough so you understand why Data Central displays as it does, not necessarily so you can configure it
  • Hands-on exercises for use cases that provide more of a story than just “how to”
  • Discussion around adoption and change management

The Mapper Certification course is currently in development and expected to be available toward the end of the calendar year.

This 4-part program is designed for clients who want to lead future end user training sessions internally.

Those who participate in the Train the Trainer (TTT) program are expected to attend/participate in the following:

  • End User Trainings
  • Deep-Dive Session – here we dig in to the content a little further, providing more background and insight. Participants are expected to come to this session with questions they might have from the training sessions.
  • Teach-back – here participants come prepared to deliver a pre-determined topic to the TTT attendees, which should last 15-20 mins. Feedback is provided by the instructor.
  • Teach a class – participants should be prepared to teach a course. An eCS instructor will be available to co-teach or answer questions / provide support for up to three sessions.

Designed for our elluminate partners so that they are prepared to configure, support, and train their elluminate clients.

We offer two levels of Partnership:

  • elluminate Specialized Partner (at least 5 individuals certified in at least 1 elluminate product)
  • elluminate Strategic Partner (at least 5 individuals certified in at least 5 elluminate products)

The training programs for each of these Partner levels include:

  • Attending the instructor-led training session, or the eLearning, depending on the content
  • Participate in a deep-dive session where additional questions can be answered and functionality reviewed
  • Complete and pass an exam that shows your knowledge and capabilities with the use of elluminate
  • Upon successful completion of a Partners Training Program, individual digital badges are provided per product, as well as a company-wide Partner badge.
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Instructor-Led Trainings

Our instructor-led trainings (ILT) are delivered remotely via video conferencing or in-person and are recorded for future use as needed. These trainings include presentations of key topic content as well as hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts.

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The eClinical Learning Management System (LMS) offers online training for end users, and covers various topics, simulated use-case scenarios, and knowledge checks to reinforce learnings. Enablement eLearning is also available to support users after ILT is completed.

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To support our users, we have a robust Help Center which includes content on how to use elluminate, Quick Reference Cards, Use Case and How to videos, as well as our Release Notes, which can be read or viewed through the accompanied videos. We have an elluminate Community where users can find new information related to elluminate, share tips, or ask questions. And, we also have a Learning Portal where users can be set up to access all our elluminate eLearnings.

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