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30-minute intro to elluminate Mapper

Map & Standardize Data from Any Source – All Without Programming

elluminate Mapper provides a drag-and-drop interface allowing non-programmers to rapidly unify numerous data sources, perform complex transformations to SDTM and other standard formats and publish curated data for analytics.

Save Time & Reduce Costs Performing Clinical Data Standardization

External data sources are increasing in research, as is the need to provide self-service access to different data streams across the clinical enterprise. elluminate Mapper provides powerful clinical data integration tools that remove the need for custom and ad-hoc programming, all within a fully compliant and auditable environment. With elluminate Mapper you can:

  • Provide real-time data visualizations and reports to clinical teams conducting data and safety review
  • Ensure compliance with industry- and company-specific clinical data standards

Powerful, Flexible & Automated Data Ingestion & Mapping

elluminate Mapper provides maximum flexibility for ingesting data across numerous sources, including an out of the box automated integration with Medidata Clinical Cloud. Clinical programming teams and data analysts use Mapper’s clinical data integration tools to rapidly provide end users with self-service access to curated data sets and visualizations, saving time and reducing costs.

  • Save time with dynamic mapping templates that map different types of data automatically upon receipt by elluminate
  • Reduce costs and increase control by enabling data analysts to map to clinical data standards including SDTM, instead of relying on SAS programmers or third parties
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Agios Pharmaceuticals

The official SDTM datasets used to support the primary analysis were programmed within the elluminate platform. We achieved excellent Pinnacle 21 scores as well, demonstrating elluminate’s ability to produce compliant, submission-worthy SDTM.

Bob O’Connor Associate Director, Clinical Data Systems Agios Pharmaceuticals


What is elluminate Mapper?

Mapper is a unique self-service application within the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud designed to automate data preparation. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to convert and map source data to the required target format, all within a fully compliant and auditable environment.

Is elluminate Mapper easy to use?

Yes. Mapper is primarily designed to be a no-code/low-code tool and features a drag-and-drop interface. However, Mapper allows for more detailed customization and transformation with additional SQL code.

Are there any requirements for data routed through elluminate Mapper such as data structure?

No – elluminate can take whatever data structures are sourced, and Mapper can be used to transform it to whatever your requirement is for reporting or analysis.

Must all data be routed through elluminate Mapper?

No, data is not required to flow through Mapper. But Mapper is the tool used to move data between data stores in elluminate.

Does elluminate Mapper feature any out-of-box functionalities?

elluminate Mapper contains many of the most frequently used data transformations, including but not limited to renaming variables, changing data types, changing field lengths, changing field labels, reordering columns, pivot/unpivot, creating derived variables, creating aggregate variables, and others.

Once mappings and mapped domains are created, do I need to trigger transformations manually?

The default behavior of the system is to monitor any imported data to see if the imported domains are included in any active mappings and mapped domains. Unless an opt-out is made, the mappings associated to the imported domain will trigger at every import.

ENGAGE 2024- October 10-11, Boston.