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Clinical Analytics

elluminate Clinical Analytics 30-Minute Demo

Clinical analytics software that delivers insights across all your data

More than 50 Life Sciences companies rely on Clinical Analytics from elluminate to improve the clinical data review process and enhance operational oversight.

Clinical Analytics Capabilities to Maximize the Value of Your Data

Many R&D teams still rely on manual Excel trackers and line listings to review patient data and monitor the progress of trials. elluminate Clinical Data Analytics help you change the paradigm by transforming the data from all your sources into insights and actions for data management, medical monitoring and clinical trial operations.

  • Review data faster with 30+ out of the box visualizations across 12 standard domains
  • Make medical monitoring easier with oncology-specific visualizations including Hy’s Law & Tumor Response
  • Visualizations combined with issue workflow and management streamline data review

Clinical Trial Analytics that Answer Your Operational Questions

To effectively manage trials according to regulatory guidance, clinical operations teams need to know the latest patient recruitment statistics along with protocol deviation numbers, screen fail rates, biomarker results and other key metrics. elluminate Clinical Trial Analytics eliminate data discrepancies from various systems by combining all your data sources. You gain one source of truth to answer your operational questions.

  • 20+ trial operational visualizations for more effective trial management
  • Instant insights about enrollment, data quality at sites and visit timelines
  • Self-service data analyses and report creation combined with issue tracking and workflow to document oversight
  • Flexible analytics architecture to solve trial management challenges including biomarker sample tracking, endpoint analyses and cross trial analyses
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We had a particular piece of lab data that is difficult to review in tabular format, and were able to format the data to be pushed into a labs over time graphic. When we took that data that had been reviewed many times in tabular format and pushed it into a graphical view, we were able to see that outlier just pop right out of the graphic.

Sean McNiff Associate Director, Clinical Programming, bluebird bio


What is elluminate Clinical Analytics?

elluminate Clinical Analytics is a pre-defined reporting environment that contains a large number of default sheets to aide with analyzing clinical data collected during a drug trial.

How does Clinical Analytics improve clinical data review processes?

The initial configuration of Data Central can be completed within a matter of days. Some features such as graphical patient profiles or exception listings can take additional time to populate, but no longer than a matter of weeks.

Can visualizations be used across multiple studies?

All studies in an environment that have Clinical Analytics enabled and the appropriate data domains created will be available by default. Data can be filtered to show results from a single study, but by default, data for all studies will appear.

Only certain sheets will include information to identify the data as being from different studies.

Can custom visualizations be created within Clinical Analytics?

Yes, users with edit permissions can create their own sheets, or duplicate existing sheets for further modification to better suit their needs.

Can teams or users create issues on data found in Clinical Analytics?

Yes, it is possible for users with the appropriate permissions to create an issue on the data found in Clinical Analytics.

Are visualizations available out-of-the-box in Clinical Analytics?

Yes, over 50 visualizations are available to users out-of-the-box, providing improved review capabilities to clinical teams.

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