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levi midnight unsplash abstracts

Clinical Data Strategy in Action for Complex Clinical Trials

levi midnight unsplash abstracts

The need for more efficient, patient-centric approaches in drug development is ushering in a new era of innovative clinical trials such as master protocols and adaptive designs that enhance flexibility and accelerate the identification of effective treatments. While these novel approaches are vital tools for improving patient outcomes, especially within oncology and rare diseases, they significantly increase the complexity of data handling, from collection to analysis. This complexity mirrors a wider shift in clinical research towards a more data-rich environment drawing on a wider variety of emerging data sources.


In this context, a well-defined data strategy that ensures the efficient collection, integration, management and analysis of the diverse data generated in complex trials is critical. Close alignment across clinical data functions provides a robust foundation that enhances adaptive capabilities, reduces data bottlenecks and inefficiencies and supports more informed, timely decision-making.

This webinar brings together clinical data experts from clinical data acquisition, data management and statistical analysis disciplines for an interactive conversation exploring the vital roles of technology, collaboration and flexibility in navigating the complexities of this new type of clinical trials.

Webinar attendees will benefit from insights into designing flexible, future-proofed electronic data capture systems; proactive data management strategies that deliver real-time insights and seamlessly handle external data including biomarker and patient-reported outcomes and the importance of incorporating statistical input across the data lifecycle. The role of advanced technologies including clinical data platforms that integrate diverse data types from various sources, as well as the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to manage the increased volume, variety and velocity of data in innovative clinical trials will also be discussed.

Through discussion and practical examples, the speakers will highlight the positive impact of cross-functional collaboration and integrated data strategies in complex clinical research, helping to reduce cycle times and pave the way for new breakthroughs.

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