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steve johnson abstracts

Introduction to eIQ Review

steve johnson abstracts

Increase efficiency across clinical data review processes with AI capabilities

As clinical trials become increasingly complex and the volume and variety of clinical data continues to expand, even the most comprehensive data review plans leave room for issues to be missed, leading to costly, time-consuming errors. As a cornerstone of the end-to-end drug development lifecycle, Clinical Data Management teams must acknowledge this shift and take a more evolved approach to clinical data management by leveraging AI and ML technologies to transform clinical review processes.

This webinar, presented by Reha Jhunjhunwala, Product Manager at eClinical Solutions, will showcase how eIQ Review, part of the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud, provides AI-enabled data review capabilities for clinical data reviewers, medical directors, and medical monitors to ensure data integrity in a more efficient, scalable way. Reha will walk through a demonstration of eIQ Review, highlighting key use cases and the benefits of leveraging these capabilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Industry drivers for taking a more evolved approach to data management and the case for leveraging AI/ML for clinical data review
  • Practical strategies for incorporating AI / ML into your clinical data review processes
  • The benefits of utilizing AI / ML capabilities for clinical data reviewers through a demonstration of eIQ Review

Who Should Attend?

If you’re a medical monitor, medical director, or clinical data management professional who wants to gain practical, actionable insights for operationalizing AI/ML strategies to stay ahead of this rapidly changing landscape, join us on May 25th.


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