BMS Adopts a New Clinical Data Architecture with elluminate®

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Facing an increase in data volume and diversity, BMS began adopting eClinical Solutions’ elluminate Clinical Data Platform, Mapper and Clinical Analytics. Initially, they piloted the solution with five early studies that had no critical database lock or analysis milestones, and which contained less data than their larger phase three trials.


Bristol Myers Squibb wanted to optimize their data review processes to streamline and improve access to their data. The need to build forms, store huge volumes of data in Medidata Rave and migrate them with post-production changes increased the load on the EDC system.

They wanted to find a complementary solution that would integrate with, and support, Medidata Rave, as well as provide streamlined, governed access to a broad set of clinical data, and to support data curation and data aggregation, enabling generations of insights to advance clinical development.


elluminate Solution Highlights

  1. Single access point for all clinical data sources
  2. Robust analytics capabilities
  3. Quicker access to accurate data for end-users

BMS streamlined their clinical data flow with elluminate’s importer module for quicker access to clean data, and Mapper for their Consolidated Clinical Views (CCVs). The team is now able to dedicate their time to more productive data tasks like analysis. elluminate has enabled complete visibility into who has access to the data and into the lifecycle of the data, which is vital for clinical trial approvals.


BMS has found great success with elluminate in alleviating the pain points in their previous infrastructure. The platform will continue to compile all data sources into a unified source of data, while creating cross-study analytics reports and enabling deeper insights.

Stage two of BMS’s implementation involves all non-CRF data being imported directly into elluminate. Using elluminate, consolidated clinical data can be easily exported for downstream consumption, which includes areas such as the biostatistics department and other reporting platforms that are used at BMS.

“I’ve been looking for a product like this throughout my career. We’re really excited about the future of what elluminate’s going to bring us and a long relationship with eClinical Solutions.”

– David Rucker, Business Capabilities Lead, CDW, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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