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Agios Produces Compliant & Submission-Worthy SDTM

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Clinical data is not only driven by complex protocols and medicine, but it also stems from multiple sources (Labs, EDC, CTMS, wearables, among others). Agios needed a way to collect, compare, and extract meaning from their clinical data, and turned to the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud®.

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Founded in 2008


Agios required a system that would streamline and centralize data acquisition, one that would allow them not only to intake, but to output data for review and analysis. They also wanted a platform that possessed the ability to map that data in a standard structure, SDTM, and enabled the review of data-sets with user friendly visualization. Their ultimate goal was to implement a data hub that would allow them to analyze their data in-house, saving both time and money.


elluminate can ingest data from multiple sources and in almost any format. While the platform retains the data in its original format, it also enables standardization of that data into a powerful relational database engine and groups it into userdefined staging areas. Agios not only made use of elluminate’s data repository capabilities, but also elluminate’s Mapper application. Mapper employs an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows users to produce customized data sets as well as map those sets to SDTM. Once uploaded, both raw and mapped data sets are available for visualization, enabling users to easily review and analyze their data.


By implementing data loading, reporting, mapping, and extraction through elluminate, Agios was able to simplify its data flow. As part of the implementation, Agios validated elluminate’s data loading module, including importing data from its Medidata Rave URL and from individual vendors (through the use of Aspera).

Agios is in the process of expanding their use of elluminate, including rolling out the Clinical Analytics product for use by Clinical Operations. elluminate Data Central is also being considered.

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Agios streamlined their clinical data processes with elluminate Analytics, Mapper, and Operational Insights, simplifying data flow and enabling in-house analysis. They validated elluminate’s data loading module, importing data from Medidata Rave URL and individual vendors. Leveraging Data Conversion and Standardization services, Agios saved time and costs while achieving their analytical goals.

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