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Case Study

eClinical Solutions Agios Case Study

Case Study

Lessons Learned Implementing an Enterprise Clinical Data Platform

Agios, a 500+ employee pharmaceutical company focused on cellular metabolism and precision medicine, used eClinical Solutions’ intelligent Clinical Data Cloud, elluminate® that allows for end-to-end data management by not only enabling the import of clinical trial data, but by also allowing users to map, visualize, and export that data for submission.

elluminate can ingest data from multiple sources and in almost any format. While the platform retains the data in its original format, it also enables standardization of that data into a powerful relational database engine and groups it into user-defined staging areas.

Agios not only made use of elluminate’s data repository capabilities, but also elluminate’s Mapper application. Mapper employs an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows users to produce customized data sets as well as map those sets to SDTM. Once uploaded, both raw and mapped data sets are available for visualization, enabling users to easily review and analyze their data.

By implementing data loading, reporting, mapping, and extraction through elluminate, Agios was able to simplify its data flow. To date, Agios has completed SDTM mapping for numerous studies and has achieved excellent Pinnacle 21 scores.


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