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Bristol Myers Squibb Case Study

Bristol Myers Squibb Case Study

Bristol Myers Squibb Case Study

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Powering a Digital Health Initiative with Streamlined Data Ingestion Across Sources, Data Review and Access

In this Case Study, you will learn how Bristol Myers Squibb optimized their data review processes to streamline and improve access to their data. By implementing a solution that complemented their EDC system, BMS has found great success in alleviating the pain points in their previous infrastructure, enabling deeper insights into clinical data.

The Challenge

At BMS, the need to build forms, store huge volumes of data in Medidata Rave, and migrate them with post-production changes increased the load on the EDC system. BMS wanted to find a complementary solution that would integrate with, and support, their current EDC platform, as well as provide streamlined, governed access to a broad set of clinical data, and to support data curation and data aggregation, enabling generations of insights to advance clinical development.

The Solution: elluminate Clinical Data Cloud

BMS has found great success with elluminate® alleviating the challenges in their previous infrastructure. The platform continues to compile all data sources into a unified source of data, while creating cross-study analytics reports to enable deeper insights.

elluminate has enabled complete visibility into who has access to the data and into the lifecycle of the data, which is vital for clinical trial approvals.

The company has also seen an improvement in operational costs, as they have greater access to issues as they arise, allowing them to troubleshoot quickly to get their trials running effectively again.

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