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Right-Sizing Clinical Trial Management Systems for the New Age of Clinical Development


Comprehensive operational data is essential for any life sciences company but with the increase in outsourced providers and partners, along with the jump in decentralized trials, getting access to this information can be a challenge. This critical data is owned by clinical research organization (CRO) partners and organizations have had limited options for gaining these insights — until now.

Traditional clinical trial management systems (CTMS) are designed for companies with internal monitoring resources, but they can be too massive for small groups.

Through the first-hand experiences of Agios Pharmaceutical and eClinical Solutions, this free webinar will explain how they worked collaboratively to build a product that provides operational data insight and automation of previously manual tasks.

What You Will Learn

  • Why existing CTMS are not optimized for companies working in highly outsourced models
  • What are the different options available to companies evaluating CTMS-like technology solutions
  • How and why Agios Pharmaceuticals selected a partnership approach to find a “right-sized” CTMS and analytics platform
  • How elluminate® CTMS Insights deliver value to clinical operations team

Current CTMS choices are keeping operational data in silos and provider systems, just out of your reach. This new “right-sized” CTMS can deliver valuable insights to teams that don’t need a massive management system. With it, you can bring a new approach to benefiting and learning from your operational data.

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Who Should Attend

  • Life sciences companies of all sizes working in outsourced models
  • Clinical operations leadership
  • Clinical trial managers
  • Development leaders
  • Clinical Informatics leaders
  • Research and development professionals
  • Research and development analytics teams


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