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sharon pittaway

Optimizing Medical Coding with Modern Technology

sharon pittaway

In an increasingly fast-paced medical review environment, the ability to access data in real-time and in one centralized location is critical to optimizing efficiency and processes. Many life science organizations are still working in data silos resulting in backlogs, as medical monitors and clinical teams are looking at medical coding listings at different times often with manual trackers like excel. When data is reviewed without collaboration and transparency, issues raised are often out of date by the time it comes back to the medical coding team, resulting in inefficiencies investigating issues that have since resolved.

This 30-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can leverage modern technology to elevate and optimize the review process with the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud for Medical Coding review. elluminate provides data managers, medical coders, medical monitors and clinical teams with one central source of truth across data sources. Teams can collaborate and act in real-time for continuous oversight, improved quality & safety, and a richer clinical understanding of the patient experience.

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into how elluminate Data Central – a clinical data workbench – can be leveraged for Coding review to reduce cycle times and increase collaboration and transparency.

  • Data can be filtered and sorted for review in Data Central per requirements
  • Streamline review with functions to filter new/updated data since last review
  • Resolve critical/moderate issues in no time via email alerts and reminders
  • View queries/issues raised by other groups like MDR on record level
  • Various stakeholders can perform simultaneous reviews

Who Should Attend

  • Medical Coders
  • Medical Data Reviewers
  • Medical Monitors
  • Data Managers


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