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Photo by Ferdinand Stohr - Abstract Background - Purple and Blue Mix

Introduction to Clinical Data Services

Photo by Ferdinand Stohr - Abstract Background - Purple and Blue Mix

Sponsors are now working with more data sources—an average of five sources per trial—than ever before. As a result, data chaos, data integration, and access are significant issues, especially for emerging and mid-market biopharma companies that often rely heavily on outsourced models for data acquisition, management, and clinical services.

New models of data services and approaches to handling all data assets to gain greater control and visibility over all components of the clinical data lifecycle and benefiting from them are now required.

Clinical Data Services™ from eClinical Solutions deliver an optimized offering for these sponsors working in highly outsourced models to increase ownership, access, and control through:

  • Rapid Medidata platform builds with expert designs and maximum reuse across the clinical cloud using standard libraries
  • Oversight and proactive risk management through the elluminate clinical data platform with real-time analytics for all your data sources, i.e. Lab, Biomarkers, Pharmacokinetics, CRO
  • Technology enabled data review from expert data managers, clinicians and statisticians accelerating speed to analysis

Watch the recording

This webinar will describe how Data Services delivers

  • Increased ownership and standardization of your Medidata Clinical Cloud Assets
  • Full oversight and integration of all your clinical data sources including external data like labs, biomarkers, physiological measurements etc. via the elluminate® Clinical Data Platform
  • Expert clinical programming and statistical analysis including DSMB preparation and ISS/ISE readiness leveraging elluminate

Who Should Attend

  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Clinical R&D IT
  • Clinical Programming



2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation