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elluminate for Data-Driven Clinical Operations Teams

levi midnight unsplash abstracts

Challenges for Sponsor Clinical Operations Monitoring and Oversight

The Clinical Operations role is increasingly complex for companies of all sizes. Trial managers are responsible for managing numerous partners along with a more diverse set of technologies and global regulations all while ensuring comprehensive oversight. Operations leaders are required to deliver confident answers on all aspects of their trials and portfolios while mitigating risk and optimizing time and resources to achieve planned goals. The elluminate® Clinical Data Cloud supports Clinical Operations Teams by providing one comprehensive source of truth that allows trial managers and operations leaders to manage trials using data from numerous sources that accurately represents current status and allows for analysis of future trends and risk management. For Clinical Operations leaders, elluminate delivers:

  • Operational insights across numerous data sources that provides definitive answers and analytics on enrollment, protocol compliance and safety with elluminate Analytics.
  • Risk-based analyses and insights using advanced statistical algorithms that identify risk across factors that require mitigation strategies with elluminate RBQM.
  • Institutional operational knowledge to conduct data-driven development including investigator data bases to optimize knowledge of SMEs and site relations with elluminate CTMS
  • Centralized issue management across functional roles so clinical operations has visibility to the status of issues across data and medical review roles.
  • Sample management tracking, data forecasting and financial performance indicators to help clinical operations teams address problems and find solutions.

This webinar will describe operational challenges and demonstrate how the various modules within elluminate can help solve them:


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