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elluminate CTMS Insights

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30-Minute Academy Webinar

Introduction & Demo of elluminate CTMS Insights

A Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) provides tremendous value for  clinical operations teams responsible for running trials, as well as for management oversight and all associated support. In the modern era of clinical trials, outsourcing and development partnerships typically result in much of this valuable information residing outside of the sponsor organization and tremendous variability in organizational needs.  The result has been the proliferation of manually maintained Excel trackers based on monthly downloads from CROs and/or development partners.

elluminate® CTMS Insights provides ONE centralized place for all your operational data. It is designed for organizations looking to own and mine their operations data for performance metrics without relying on downloads and spreadsheets. If you are looking to scale through data-driven operational excellence, join us for this 30 minute webinar to learn how elluminate CTMS Insights:

  • Provides on-demand operational insights, analytics, and visualizations for proactive trial oversight and management
  • Leverages the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud to automate ingestion from a wide variety of sources including CRO’s CTMS systems for companies working in outsourced models
  • Provides portfolio metrics and dashboards without relying on manual updates from your CTMs for decision-making and planning

CTMS Insights- Planned vs Actual


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