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Future Proofing Your Clinical Data Infrastructure

As the adoption of decentralized trials (DCT) continues to increase, life science organizations are experiencing a fragmented digital experience with more data sources than ever, and as a result, cannot keep up with the pace and volume of data flow. Because of the increase in the number of data sources used for clinical trials, there is an even greater imperative for sponsors to have a data ecosystem that ensures data quality and enables insights throughout the trial lifecycle.

For some sponsors stepping into a more modern data management approach can seem daunting, but what if a more modern, cloud-based centralized data management system allowed clinical trial sponsors to transform their data, streamline processes across clinical teams, and ensure data quality without a heavy burden?

It was this question that was addressed at Halloran’s CORE East retreat – a Clinical Operations Retreat for Executives – during a panel hosted by Raj Indupuri, CEO of eClinical Solutions, and Greg Moody, Vice President, Research and Development IT at Biogen, on “Creating a Future & Development Partner-Ready Clinical Data Architecture.”

In this article, we will expand upon the CORE East panel topic and explore what it means to maximize every data point and future-proof clinical trials and highlight examples illustrating how to unlock the power of clinical data.

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