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Red Nucleus

Recording of Assessments in Hybrid and Decentralized Trials

Red Nucleus

Webinar: Industry Panel

Join eClinical’s President and Co-founder Bob Arnesen for this engaging panel discussion on Thursday, December 9th, where he’ll chat alongside experts from Red Nucleus, Curavit, and RehabMetrics about decentralized and hybrid clinical trial trends, leveraging technology in clinical assessments, and more.

This webinar will review

  • Current Opportunities and Challenges with New Data Sources in DCT
  • Market Trends and Compiling Data From Non-Traditional Sources
  • Using Recordings to Derive Quantifiable Data
  • Leveraging Technology to Enable HIPPA/GDPR Compliant Recording of Clinical Assessments
  • Questions & Answers


ENGAGE 2024- October 10-11, Boston.