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Preparing for Today’s Clinical Trials with elluminate

The modernization of today’s clinical trials proves to be an exciting time for many forward-thinking life sciences organizations, creating opportunities to drive cost-efficient clinical development with tech-enabled strategy. But as trials become increasingly decentralized, complex, and patient-centric, traditional methods have been pushed to their limits – often impacting cycle times and leaving stakeholders frustrated.

This fireside chat with Raj Indupuri, CEO, eClinical Solutions and Ed Kellar, Senior Director, Data Management Solutions, Astellas, discusses today’s clinical trial landscape and how life sciences organizations can embrace the new digital era of clinical research with the elluminate clinical data cloud.

The discussion covered:

  • Current industry trends, challenges, and use cases that support the adoption of a clinical data cloud
  • Automation across clinical trials and data acquisition, review, and analysis
  • The current – and future state – of clinical data management

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2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation