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laura ockel

Preparing for the DCT Data Deluge – elluminate Clinical Data Cloud for CROs

laura ockel

Clinical trials are increasingly complicated with more data sources than ever. As decentralized trial models, systems and approaches become more common, handling data from these systems in addition to EDC, IVR, eCOA, Labs and Specialty labs adds even more diversity to clinical data sets. CROs experience this challenge tenfold as they work with numerous sponsors, all of whom may have preferred providers, making the process of standardizing and reviewing data from numerous sources across trials even more challenging. The elluminate® Clinical Data Cloud is the foundation of digital trials and provides one centralized source of truth across all sources speeding collaboration across clinical teams, time to insight and speeding cycle time metrics like Last-Patient-Last-Visit to Database Lock.

This webinar will discuss how many life science companies and CROs are still relying on manual methods including excel spreadsheets and SAS programs to ingest, standardize and integrate data for review and the challenges associated with these approaches. The capabilities of a platform like elluminate will be discussed, including automation across the data lifecycle from ingestion through submission, and how a clinical data platform can be implemented into an existing CRO infrastructure.

This webinar is designed for CRO team members in these functions:

  • Data Management
  • Clinical programming
  • Analytics
  • Data Sciences
  • Medical Monitoring
  • IT


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