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Overcoming Barriers to RBQM Adoption


Increasingly complex drug development, rapidly accelerating volume of clinical data, and regulatory requirements, combined with productivity pressures mean that risk-based quality management (RBQM) is an increasingly crucial approach.  However, adopting RBQM is not always straightforward, and clinical data management and clinical operations teams often face change management and internal alignment challenges when introducing risk-informed approaches.

This 30-minute webinar, presented by eClinical Solutions’ VP Clinical Data Management, Diane Lacroix, will explore practical steps that organizations can take to overcome common RBQM adoption issues. Drawing on her extensive experience of incorporating innovations to enhance eClinical’s Biometrics Services, Diane will discuss how to take the first steps towards RBQM adoption, share a real-world adoption case study, and highlight outcomes and practical tips for success.

What You Will Learn

  • The common barriers to RBQM adoption
  • Practical steps towards introducing RBQM approaches
  • Key lessons learned from eClinical Solutions’ RBQM journey
  • Achievable outcomes

If you’re a clinical data management or clinical operations professional who wants to gain practical, actionable insights to inform RBQM adoption and stay ahead of this rapidly changing landscape, join us on March 30th.


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