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Clin Line

Optimizing Your Clinical Data Flow and End User Experiences

Clin Line

For Data Management, Clinical Operations and Biostatistics

The Digital Trial Accelerator You May Be Missing

The last two years has seen rapid progress in the adoption of digital platforms by Life Sciences companies that are finding ways to accelerate clinical development.

The variety, velocity and volume of clinical and operational data has increased drastically, and researchers are looking for new ways to unlock the value of all these data while not creating new bottlenecks in the clinical development process. Great enthusiasm for redesigning the participation experience in clinical research relying on decentralized platforms and models is also driving significant changes in numerous downstream processes.

With 75% of life sciences companies still relying on Excel and SAS to integrate data across sources new approaches are needed to modernize research.

This webinar will discuss these challenges and how different roles including clinical operations, data management, and biostatistics are working with modern clinical data clouds to solve these challenges and speeding the time to data access and insight.

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The expert panelists from different roles will discuss their experienced-based perspectives on:

  • Challenges data management, clinical operations and biostatistics teams are experiencing due to the increased volume, variety and velocity of data
  • The way that modern technology platforms address these challenges
  • New end user experiences that trial managers, data managers, clinical operations leaders, and clinical programmers can have when data are centralized and continuously available
  • How the clinical data ecosystem is changing

Target Audience

  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Operations
  • Head of R&D
  • IT


2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation