Maximizing the Value of the elluminate® Platform for Biostatistics & Clinical Programming

Recorded Live: March 25, 2021

The process of integrating, standardizing and analyzing clinical data has not changed significantly in the last 25 years despite the transformation from paper to electronic data streams. Clinical programming teams are often tasked with integrating and normalizing data from different systems and providing numerous listings and summaries to data reviewers and repeating that process throughout the trial lifecycle. The elluminate platform is designed to decrease the manual work associated with integrating and standardizing clinical data from disparate sources and systems, and automates publishing these data to data reviewers and clinical operations team members.  

In this webinar, learn how clinical programmers and biostatisticians use the elluminate platform to:

  • Automate data ingestion across systems and sources 
  • Standardize data from EDC and external data sources  
  • Automap data using predefined templates and centralized specifications 
  • Trend and explore data using visualizations to focus on key areas of follow-up

The webinar is intended for:

  • Clinical Programmers
  • Statistical Programmers
  • Biostatiscians

Nathan Johnson

Director, Data Engineering, eClinical Solutions

Nathan is an experienced SAS programmer with expertise in statistical analysis and reporting, standards development, and data management for clinical research. He is passionate about rethinking data mapping and transformations through increased standardization and automation. Nathan is interested in asking the right questions and finding innovative and creative solutions, making the complex simple, and helping every process become more efficient and more effective.

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