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Lessons Learned: Implementing an Enterprise Clinical Data Platform

The webinar includes the business rationale for and key criteria to consider when evaluating and selecting a clinical data platform for enterprise use at Agios Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, our speakers discuss key system requirements, stakeholders, project goals as well as lessons learned from implementation process.  The talk will also covers initial results from the rollout and future goals for the Clinical Data Platform.


  • Brief overview of Agios including company goals, clinical technology infrastructure and standards utilized
  • Business need for a clinical data platform, requirements, and key goals for the system
  • Criteria for selecting a clinical data platform provider
  • Evaluation and selection process
  • Implementation process including resources needed internally and externally and roles involved
  • Lessons learned from the implementation process (what do you wish you’d known before embarking on this project)
  • Rollout, user training and feedback
  • Demonstration and overview of the elluminate Clinical Data Platform
  • Initial results and future plans



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