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Introduction to elluminate Data Central


Transforming and Simplifying Clinical Data Review and Management

The majority of clinical trial data now comes from “external” or non EDC data sources with most trials using at least four data sources and many using six or more.  The role of clinical trial data management has changed requiring an increased focus on defining data flows,  setting up and managing external data providers and sources along with integrating and reconciling these data and the data review function has become more complex.  Providing data access and review capabilities of governed data to key stakeholders including medical monitors, Biostatisticians and clinical CRAs has become critical.

With elluminate® Data Central, data managers and medical reviewers collaborate within the clinical data management software to quickly and effectively manage study data and resolve queries and other data issues. Data Central is a data management workbench that provides a holistic view of all your trial data along with smart listings, flexible workflow and issue management that streamlines your data review process.

What You Will Learn

  • What a Clinical Data Workbench is and the value it provides
  • How the elluminate Data Central Workbench facilitates comprehensive clinical data review
  • Demonstration of elluminate Data Central and key use cases for data reconciliation and review
  • Case study of how elluminate Data Central is being utilized by an emerging biotech for
    • Cross functional data Review
    • Oversight
    • Data Visualization

Watch the recording

Who Should Attend

  • Data Management
  • Medical Monitors
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • R&D IT Business Partners


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