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Intro to elluminate – Regain Control of Your Data

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This webinar led by Dawn Kaminski, Senior Director of Data Strategies at eClinical Solutions, demonstrates how the elluminate® clinical data workbench and analytic platform improves data quality, facilitates effective oversight, saves time and provides you with complete control of your clinical and operational data.

The number and scope of external data sources continue to increase as does the overhead of reconciling this data and ensuring its accuracy and compliance. The process of building a streamlined clinical data pipeline that incorporates all data sources, aggregating and transforming data into standard formats and sharing insights and analytics to key stakeholders remains a challenge for life sciences organizations of all sizes. The elluminate® platform is designed to address these challenges and provides end-users with:

  • One data platform for all your clinical trial data
  • The most powerful mapping and data transformation application in the industry
  • Out of the box data analytics for risk-based data review
  • One data management workbench for comprehensive data review and reconciliation of external data

No pressure, just a 30-minute live broadcast to learn how the elluminate Clinical Data Platform is helping life sciences companies like yours save time and improve data quality.

Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical R&D IT
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Clinical Programming
  • Biostats/Data Sciences


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