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Getting Life Sciences Back to Better

The COVID-19 pandemic has and will have far reaching impact across the life sciences industry that present numerous opportunities and challenges. How organizations adapt to the changing environment impacts both the shape of the current industry and the future of medicine and drug development. This panel discussion will share a variety of perspectives and strategies on how the biopharmaceutical industry can emerge from this period stronger than ever and how drug development is transforming based on trends, technology, processes and resources.

Topics Covered

  • What trends have developed during the pandemic that have long-lasting impact on the industry? And are there any “fads” that are not as likely to have lasting impact?
  • With the focus on therapies for COVID-19, how can other types of therapies come back into focus for companies developing new methods of treating disease?
  • How does the industry need to change to adapt to this new environment across people, process, technology and mindsets?
  • How does organization size impact strategy and how can emerging organizations thrive in this environment?
  • What opportunities have been created by the pandemic and how can companies take advantage of them?

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Who Should Attend

Leaders from across the biopharmaceutical industry in clinical operations, business operations, medical and safety, data management and biostatistics.


2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation