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steve johnson abstracts

Build vs Buy for the SCE: Considerations for the Future of the Statistical Computing Environment

steve johnson abstracts

During the 2023 Phuse US Connect, Nathan Johnson, VP of Digital Innovation at eClinical, presented his unique perspective on a persistent question among life science organizations: to build, or to buy? Of the hundreds of presentations that took place over the 3-day conference, Nathan’s session was recognized for its innovative and engaging content and won the “Best in Stream” award within the SCE track.

PHUSE US Connect 2023

In this 15-minute session, Nathan reviews the pros and cons of building vs. buying a clinical data platform, and how these two “opposing” solutions may actually blend together to achieve a common goal. Who will ultimately come out on top? Watch this award-winning presentation to find out!


2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation