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Bringing Your External Data Into the Fold

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As the volume, variety and velocity of clinical data continues to expand, data managers are spending more time managing external data sources, combining it with other data sources, and visualizing data holistically to spot outliers and identify quality issues. The majority of clinical trial data now comes from external or non-EDC data sources, and the eClinical Biometrics Services team sees life science companies working with an average of 10 unique data sources per trial, a 25% increase from two years ago and an even greater increase in the overall volume of data.

The role of clinical trial data management has changed greatly in recent years. Data managers now spend more time on defining data flows and data strategy across the trial, working with data providers on specification and standards, and ensuring consistency while avoiding duplication across sources. Setting up and managing external data providers and sources along with integrating and reconciling these data and the data review function has become more complex and more critical to trial success.

This elluminate Academy webinar will highlight best practices and lessons learned for using the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud to effectively manage all your data sources. Best practices for acquiring, managing, and reviewing external data sources will be discussed, as well as the metrics to track and results that can be achieved from building an external data center of excellence and mindset within the data management function.

In this webinar, data leaders will learn how to:

  • Define specification and data transfer formats for external data providers
  • Develop strategies for testing and timelines to keep all providers on track
  • Establish data cleaning best practices
  • Optimize the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud for external data ingestion and review with Data Central

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Who Should Attend

  • Data Management
  • Clinical Programming
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Clinical Informatics
  • R&D IT


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