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Automate & Accelerate Statistical Analyses with an Integrated Statistical Computing Environment

30-Minute Academy Webinar

As the variety, velocity, and volume of clinical trial data continues to increase, so does the need to efficiently maximize the value of the data. The Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) within the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud provides one centralized place for all data, metadata, programs, and results increasing the efficiency, traceability, and visibility of statistical analyses. The SCE allows for the production of submission or exploratory analysis outputs in a way that is transparent, auditable, automated, reproducible and secure.

elluminate SCE enhances the value of taking a platform approach by leveraging data, standards, and mappings to maximize reuse and increase programming and analyses efficiencies.

Join this 30-minute webinar to learn how elluminate SCE:

  • Increases development efficiency by providing access to all data and metadata across studies from a single location
  • Streamlines workflows by tracking data dependencies and scheduling programs to execute automatically upon updates to data
  • Increases rigor by enabling traceability and reproducibility of results through unified version tracking of code, data, metadata, and execution environment

Who Should Attend

  • Clinical Programmers
  • Statistical Programmers
  • Biostatisticians
  • Data Scientists
  • R&D IT Leaders


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