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Top 5 Data Visualizations of 2022

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Many of the top global life science companies chose the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud as the foundation of their digital trials in 2022. In this new Academy webinar, Karen Skuba, Principal Implementation Consultant at eClinical Solutions will share the top five visualizations of 2022. You will discover why the top life science companies choose elluminate to handle the influx, volume and variety of data collected in today’s clinical trials. The top data visualizations of 2022 will show how elluminate transforms data from all sources into actionable insights for data management, medical monitoring and clinical trial operations teams, helping to increase trial efficiencies and ensure alignment with regulatory requirements.

With over 50 out-of-the-box visualizations, elluminate enables clinical teams to visualize data while identifying outliers and trends that are not possible to detect with inline listings. Visualizations shared will also demonstrate how elluminate supports cross-study analysis for deeper insights with self-service access to clinical and operational analytics combined with issue workflow management, streamlined data review, and allows for oversight to be documented.

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Who Should Attend

  • Clinical Data Management
  • Clinical Programming
  • Clinical R&D IT
  • Biostats/Data Sciences


ENGAGE 2024- October 10-11, Boston.