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Bob O’Connor, Associate Director, Clinical Data Systems, Agios Pharmaceuticals

I would definitely recommend elluminate to anybody interested in looking at data warehouses, workbenches, or clinical data repositories. elluminate is a one-stop shop. There are so many useful features within elluminate that make it easy and fun to use. I’m in there everyday and it’s the highlight of my job using the Mapper to map our SDTM datasets and map our exception listings for our data reviewers. I would definitely recommend elluminate to anyone who’s looking for a data repository to do data mapping or to do clinical data review.

Oscar Gonzalez, Senior Program Planning Manager, Karyopharm Therapeutics

At our organization we’ve began using elluminate for the purposes of the data central application. That has allowed our medical directors to monitor the patients on an ongoing basis with live data that doesn’t only come from the EDC, but from other sources such as lab reports and central labs. It’s really allowed them to have a grasp on what is happening with our patients live and on an ongoing basis.

I would absolutely recommend elluminate – it’s filling the gap that everyone has been trying to fill from having all of these multiple data sources that, although are necessary for the clinical trials, they tend to have issues where they’re not speaking to each other. elluminate is doing that for us.

David Rucker, Business Capabilities Lead, CDW, Bristol-Myers Squibb

The biggest value that we see is being able to pull data into a central location. Right now at BMS we have data that comes in from various locations, so we look at elluminate as the product that’s going to bring all of that data into one place and give us a central repository. It’s also going to help us solve a couple problems that we’re having with that data and with some of other systems – freeing up the space for those systems to work effectively.

Richard Fitzgerald, Director, Clinical Data Management, Decibel Therapeutics

I think we knew that out of all of the tools out there elluminate was the most complete tool that can give you the most right out of the box. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my position.

Lilia Fenelon, Director, Data Management, Karyopharm Therapeutics

I would definitely recommend elluminate and I have in the past. It’s a great tool that is constantly evolving, and I can’t wait to see what eClinical Solutions does in the future.

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