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Raj Indupuri: Data is the currency of the life sciences industry

Sam Parnell and Ivanna Rosendal speak with Raj Indupuri, the co-founder & CEO of eClinical Solutions, about why data plays such a key role in our industry. And despite this being true for as long as we have had clinical trials, the recent technological advancements open up the possibilities for true data-driven decision making.

Even though the clinical space has been digitising for many years, digitization is not necessarily transformative. Pockets of evolution have been attempted in a siloed way – not reaching all the way across the value chain. This creates a fragmented experience for the end users.

We speak about platforms and ecosystems of platforms, how to make the collaboration between stakeholders and technology seamless, and maintaining systems openness. This means that competing providers need to collaborate – as frenemies – for the betterment of research.

We imagine what the current transformation in the digital space means for internal IT departments in life sciences, and what kinds of skills and competencies are needed – and which are no longer required.

This episode is a little different. Sam works for the company that Raj is the CEO of. And this time around Ivanna gets questions and answers them too.


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