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Increased Focus on Patient-Centric Concerns

Q2. How is an increased focus on patient-centric concerns influencing the way that you work?

Raj Indupuri, Chief Executive Officer, eClinical Solutions

Patient centricity is at the heart of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Our industry saw a rise in DCTs, fueled by innovation in data collection modalities and the pandemic forcing decentralization. We’ve also seen it discussed that DCTs can be difficult to operationalize, and a concern that our industry tends to fall back on established methods and norms. Ultimately, DCTs attempt to reduce patient burden and increase patient access to trials. In general, DCTs solve more problems than they cause, from aiding in enrollment to increasing diversity in patient populations. However, DCTs also compound existing data problems, which are only getting more and more complex. Life sciences companies are focused on cycle time improvements, and, within this complex landscape, expectations to gain insights using advanced analytics are also increasing. This combined focus on innovation, cycle time reduction, and patients means that addressing fragmentation within the overall data life cycle has become critically important. Demand for connected data and insights means that life sciences is increasing their attention on advanced infrastructure and analytics for clinical data. As DCT data collection broadens to include more new devices and apps, not only do pharma and biotech need the ability to bring these sources together for faster access and decision-making, but their digital data infrastructure must also address patient centricity within the analytics and data consumption components of the clinical data life cycle. This means data availability for advanced applications like AI/ML and data connectivity to enable collaboration between all data stakeholders, from sponsors to sites to patients.

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