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Top 5 Data Pitfalls in Oncology Clinical Trials and How to Avoid Them

Navigating Change: 10 Highlights from the FDA's Draft Guidance for Decentralized Trials

Oncology clinical trials pose unique and significant challenges to effective data management. Years-long studies and enormous volumes of data taken from a wide variety of collection strategies and tools require proper planning from research teams. In this eBook, eClinical Solutions will outline the most common pitfalls researchers may run into regarding oncology study data, along with recommendations for overcoming them.

Download this ebook to gain insights on topics like:

  • The importance of considering and prioritizing the patient experience when designing the study protocol
  • Fit-for-purpose data collection strategies
  • The unique data-cleaning challenges posed by oncology trials
  • How to make sure the study is well-prepared for closeout

The thought-leaders at eClinical Solutions have 10 years of experience helping clients manage data in oncology clinical trials. The majority (85%) of eClinical Biometrics Services clients are oncology-based and 90% of eClinical Data Management leads hold oncology-specific expertise. The team has identified the five key data management challenges and provided detailed insights on how to overcome them in its free ebook: Top 5 Data Pitfalls in Oncology Clinical Trials (and Tips on How to Avoid Them). 

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