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Rationale, Lessons, Outcomes: eClinical Solutions’ Experience of SCE Adoption

Adopting a statistical computing environment (SCE) can bring significant benefits to clinical research organizations and sponsors. By providing a platform for automating processes, and enhancing collaboration, SCEs (Statistical Computing Environments) have the potential to improve efficiency and traceability.

eClinical Solutions’ Biometrics Services team recently adopted elluminate® SCE to streamline biostatistics and programming deliverables.

In this webinar, Demi Niforos, VP of Biostatistics and Programming, Debora Knepp, Principal Programmer, and Donna Storrs, Manager Statistical Programming will discuss their rationale for adoption, lessons learned, and expected outcomes for biometrics services clients. The team will review practical ‘then and now’ scenarios, revealing how the SCE adoption has changed workflows for specific use cases. Finally, they will discuss the future-state applications of SCE within the biometrics services group. They will be joined by Nathan Johnson, VP Digital Innovation, who will share his latest insights on how SCE within the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud is helping clients to meet the evolving demands of clinical trials and maximize data value.

Join us for this webinar to hear first-hand experiences of how adopting an SCE can help organizations achieve enhanced biometrics deliverables, and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of implementing an SCE.

What You Will Learn

  • The drivers for adopting an SCE
  • Overcoming challenges and lessons learned from practical experiences
  • Near-term impacts and outcomes of implementation


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