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Jazz Clinical Data Factory and Clinical Insights

Recorded Live: November 18, 2020

In a 2019 Tufts CSDD survey, 90% of respondents from over 140 life sciences companies rated self-service analytics as important for managing multiple data sources and growing volume of data. However, just 46% of respondents had analytics dashboards currently available. To effectively manage trials, resources, timelines and oversee vendors according to regulatory requirements, clinical teams need on-demand access to their clinical and operational data for decision making. The elluminate clinical data platform was designed to provide an end to end comprehensive platform that delivers access to governed clinical data to clinical teams. elluminate Analytics includes more than 50 out of the box visualizations designed to support data review objectives and provide new insights to medical monitors, data managers, clinical operations and biostatisticians.

elluminate Analytics helps clinical teams visualize data to see outliers and trends that are not possible to detect in line listings and supports cross study analyses for deeper insights.

More than 50 Life Sciences companies rely on Clinical Analytics from elluminate to improve the clinical data review process and enhance operational oversight.

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What You Will Learn

  • How the elluminate clinical data platform provides an end to end data flow
  • Demonstrations of the various categories of elluminate “out of the box” visualizations including:
    • Adverse events
    • Protocol Deviations
    • Oncology Safety
    • Patient Profiles
    • Tumors and liver toxicity
  • How visualizations solve trial management challenges such as biomarker sample tracking through numerous specialty labs

Who Should Attend

  • Data Management
  • Medical Monitors
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • R&D IT Business Partners


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