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eClinical Solutions Technology Background

Intro to eClinical Solutions Technology Enabled Clinical Data Services

eClinical Solutions Technology Background

Maximizing the Value of Clinical Platforms for Enhanced Data Collection, Management and Analysis

Clinical data sources and systems have increased dramatically in recent years. Sponsors reported using more than five data sources more than 50% of the time in a recent study*, leading to cycle time increases in last patient/last visit to database lock. Data leaders report that managing relationships with external data providers, performing data review and cleaning, mapping and transforming data and ingesting data from different sources are among the top tasks considered extremely time consuming and/or labor intensive.* Technology platforms can help but they need to be matched with the right people and process to maximize their value. This webinar describes how eClinical Solutions utilizes the Medidata Clinical Cloud and the elluminate® Clinical Data Platform to deliver high quality clinical data rapidly throughout the clinical development lifecycle from Phase I through submission.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover industry trends around data diversity and review complexity
  • Learn about key technology platforms that enable high quality data outcomes
  • Understand the integrated data review process (IDRP) and supporting technology ecosystem including medical and statistical review capabilities

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Who Should Attend

Individuals with the following or related job functions working at pharma, biotech or contract research organizations:

  • Clinical operations
  • Clinical programming
  • Clinical development operations
  • Clinical IT
  • Clinical data systems
  • Clinical data management
  • Biostatistics/bioinformatics

The webinar includes

  • What “Technology Enabled Data Services” are
  • How Medidata Clinical Cloud and the elluminate Clinical Data Platform are being used to deliver high quality clinical data to teams rapidly
  • Best practices for maximizing the value of technology platforms by data management, data management, clinical programming and biostats and how these roles and functions are changing by applying new technologies

* Tufts-eClinical Solutions Data Strategies & Transformation Survey



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