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Automating the Clinical Data Pipeline for Enhanced Data Review & Analytics

There has been a dramatic increase in clinical data types, sources and systems in recent years enabling new insights into patient experiences while also presenting challenges in consolidating, standardizing and analyzing these new data streams. The tools for centralizing, integrating, mapping and analyzing data have not kept pace with research and are causing cycle time delays and require numerous manual processes. This webinar will describe how new platforms like the elluminate Clinical Data Platform are automating the ingestion of data from numerous eClinical systems and sources, enabling faster data mapping and standardization, supporting risk-based data review and advancing both clinical and operational analytics. Key value drivers for these platforms including results from the Tufts Center for the  Study for Drug Development (CSDD) and eClinical Solutions Data Strategies and Transformation Study will be discussed.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will appeal to individuals with the following or related job titles working at CROs, pharma or biotech companies:

  • Vice President/Director/Sr. Director Clinical Operations
  • Directors/Managers Clinical Programming
  • Vice President/Director/Sr. Director Clinical Development Operations
  • Director/Sr. Director/Clinical IT
  • Sr. Director/Director/Associate Director Clinical Data Systems
  • VP/Sr. Director/Director/Assoc. Director Clinical Data Management
  • Sr. Director/Director/Assoc. Director Biostatistics/Bioinformatics

What You Will Learn

  • What a clinical data pipeline is and how it works
  • Key industry challenges a clinical data pipeline and centralized platform addresses
  • Enhanced methods of clinical data review using data workbenches and analytics
  • Value and return an automated data pipeline and clinical data platform delivers



2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation