David Rucker | Bristol-Myer Squibb


David Rucker, Business Capabilities Lead, CDW, Bristol-Myers Squibb

For BMS, we have recently decided to adopt elluminate as our clinical data workbench. The biggest value that we see is being able to pull data into a central location. Right now at BMS we have data that comes in from various locations, so we look at elluminate as the product that’s going to bring all of that data into one place and give us a central repository. It’s also going to help us solve a couple problems that we’re having with that data and with some of our other systems – freeing up the space for those systems to work effectively. The ease of use and the interface is very helpful and intuitive for the users – it’s not a whole lot of complexity and it gives you a lot of features in the system, whether through Data Central or the reporting capabilities. Even the audit capabilities within the system are something that we’re very interested in, because it’s key for the type of data that we’re looking at and elluminate gives us all of that. I recognize that in my career I’ve been looking for a product like this that can help pull our data together, and elluminate does that for us. We’re really excited about the future of what that’s going to bring us and a long relationship with eClinical Solutions.

Learn more about the vision, goals and lessons learned thus far from the BMS implementation of the elluminate® Clinical Data Platform in this webinar case study presented by David Weigand, Director of Clinical Data Reporting and Analytics at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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