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Simplifying Trial Complexity

We overcome the challenges of data proliferation and simplify increasing trial complexity with advanced technologies, streamlined processes and knowledgeable people.

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Technology and Services for Your Most Innovative Trials

We have deep experience with complex clinical research along with the credentials to deliver the promised results – through the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud®, and end-to-end Biometrics Services.

The elluminate Clinical Data Cloud is designed to manage all your trial data – from any source – from a centralized location.
Biometrics services team routinely handles studies with 10+ data sources.
Dedicated Center of Excellence for External Data
Unique EDC build approaches for master protocols and innovative designs.
Modern clinical data lakehouse architecture designed to support future-ready use cases.
Built-in automation, standardization & interoperability for faster integration of new data sources.
50% of Biometrics Services team experienced in innovative trials
Delivered 220+ oncology trials
AI / ML capabilities to ensure data quality and increase efficiency – at scale.

Innovation and Expertise for Complex Trials


Data Strategies for Complex Trials

eClinical Solutions’ Biometrics Services team guides clients through the challenges of data proliferation to unlock valuable insights.


The Foundation for Modern Trials

The elluminate Clinical Data Cloud is an end-to-end solution for all your clinical data review & analytics needs, with an evolving Clinical Data Lakehouse architecture built to support future-ready use cases.


AI/ML-enabled Solutions

AI/ ML capabilities enable clinical teams to transform data into intelligent decisions faster and keep pace with the demands of today’s speed-driven, complex trials.

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