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elluminate Academy is a monthly webinar series hosted by eClinical Solutions industry experts. Snapshots of the elluminate clinical data platform and analytics platform will highlight how elluminate and eClinical Solutions data services are helping clinical teams overcome common challenges in data management and analysis.
Each month we will feature an elluminate product or service in a live 30-minute webcast. If you miss a learning module, don’t worry, it will be made available on this page.

Academy Webinars

Introduction to ASCEND Clinical Data Services™

Sponsors are now working with more data sources—an average of five sources per trial—than ever before. As a result, data chaos, data integration, and access are significant issues, especially for emerging and mid-market biopharma companies that often rely heavily on outsourced models for data acquisition, management, and clinical services.

Accelerating Decentralized Clinical Trials Adoption with Modern Platforms

The use and adoption of patient-centric Decentralized Trials platforms continue to increase in clinical research. As more companies incorporate decentralized trial models and technology, the elluminate clinical data platform accelerates these efforts preventing data integration, review, and monitoring challenges.

Medical Review

elluminate® for Medical Review

Medical review of clinical trial data is a critical component of the clinical development process. The process of medical monitoring requires access and analysis of all clinical data sources in order to understand the holistic patient experience along with data trending and exploration capabilities.

Clinical Trial Management System

Introduction to elluminate® CTMS

A Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) provides tremendous value for the clinical operations teams responsible for running the trials, as well as for management oversight and all associated support units.


Getting Life Sciences Back to Better
Learn how the biopharmaceutical industry can emerge from this period stronger than ever and how drug development is transforming based on trends, technology, processes and resources.


elluminate Importer and Mapper
This webinar will provide an introduction to the Importer & Mapper and how it works to automate the clinical data pipeline and the value it offers to clinical programmers, biostatisticians, data management and clinical operations teams.

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