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Accelerating Complex Trials

Scalable technology – including AI/ML – combined with data expertise to increase productivity, reduce cycle times, and support future challenges.

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A clinical data strategy to reduce cycle times as complexity increases

Advanced platform capabilities and expertise enables you to transform complex data streams into actionable insights, faster. With technology and services that incorporate AI/ML and data pipeline automation, anticipate future needs while meeting today’s demands.

Data Centralization and Integration Solutions

Self-service access to all of your data from one centralized location increases visibility and streamlines data review & downstream analysis for faster decision-making.

Trusted Insights in Real-time

Built in automation, standardization, and interoperability combined with advanced analytics enables insights to be discovered in near real-time, enhancing productivity across your team.

Scalable Solutions to Increase Productivity

Flexible solutions powered by elluminate support your unique functional needs as well as global resources to deliver high-quality results as an extension of your team.

Future-proofing your trials with Artificial Intelligence

Flexible partnerships scale with you as you grow, embedding seamless oversight to streamline communication and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Increasing Productivity with an Innovative Approach

Enhance your end-to-end data strategy with comprehensive reporting and real-time visibility


Streamline your end-to-end clinical data workflow with the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud


Services for trials from acquisition through submission

clinical data mgmt

Bristol Myers Squibb

BMS Adopts a New Clinical Data Architecture with elluminate®

2024 Industry Outlook: Driving Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs with Clinical Data Transformation