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Hiring Now: 6 Boston Companies Looking for Top Talent as They Prepare for 2023

Six local companies may vary dramatically in their services and products, but all are looking to grow their teams and tackle upcoming challenges.

What do warehouse logistics robots, respiratory health and software designed for English language learners all have in common? Well, at least on the surface, not much.

The one throughline all of these topics share is that they are what companies in and around the Boston area are focused on going into 2023. While these companies are providing solutions in unrelated fields, they are all bringing technological innovations that make it easier for their clients to achieve more.

The coming year is, by most predictions, going to be marked by uncertainty and economic challenges, but the tech industry finds itself in a more secure position than other industries. In September, Forrester published a report that predicted global tech spending will eclipse $4.8 trillion in 2022. For tech leaders who actively differentiate themselves from competitors, 2023 may still be challenging, but it will still offer room for continued growth.

Six local organizations are preparing to tackle the new year’s challenges by growing their teams, and below, Built In Boston chatted with their leaders to learn more about the company cultures and professional growth opportunities that drive their teams forward.

eClinical Solutions

Pawan Nagpal

Pawan Nagpal

Principal Software Engineer

Healthtech company eClinical Solutions’ goal is to accelerate clinical research and help bring new treatments to patients faster. The company’s elluminate cloud-based platform modernizes and automates the clinical data workflow.

Describe your company culture in one word.

Collaborative. Two of our company’s core values are “be open” and “be connected,” and those values create an environment that supports this culture. Our company offers both software and services, which gives us a unique advantage that benefits both sides of our business.

Our data services team members are key stakeholders and users of our software platform, the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud. Our services team uses our elluminate technology to work more efficiently and accelerate timelines for external client deliverables, which means our software is designed with ongoing input from subject matter experts who know the use cases inside and out. Product and R&D have access to real-time user feedback, and our professional services team brings new suggestions and ideas to the product and R&D teams.

Collaboration has been extremely important in creating a better elluminate platform for all our clients. Every feature added to elluminate is curated by product based on feedback from multiple internal and external focus groups. It is then built by different technology teams and SMEs to bring a seamless user experience for all.

   Every step saving time in the drug discovery process gives you a sense of purpose.”
What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

One of the coolest projects I’ve been part of lately has been working on the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities that we’ve embedded in our platform, elluminate. Working on building the ML pipelines and integrating the cutting-edge models built by the data science team has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Collaboration across multiple disciplines within the entire organization with a single mission has been an excellent experience.

We’re leveraging the latest cloud technologies out there to help build a farm of microservices providing machine learning capabilities, enhancing the product to improve speed and efficiencies in data review, outlier and anomaly detection. Our life sciences clients face an increasingly challenging data environment along with pressure to speed timelines. eClinical Solutions’ elluminate platform is providing a critical foundation that enables our clients to accelerate the clinical data lifecycle. Every step saving time in the drug discovery process gives you a sense of purpose.

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