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Clinical trial volume, variety drive data solutions

eClinical Solutions announced a number of new clients have adopted its elluminate clinical data platform and newly launched ASCEND clinical data services. Several life-sciences companies, large and mid-market pharma companies and biotechs have signed on to use elluminate to help integrate diverse data sources, the company reports.

A representative from eClinical Solutions told Outsouring-Pharma a surge in the number of clinical data sources and variety of such information has helped fuel interest in advanced data capabilities.

“The volume and variety of clinical data continues to grow, with most trials relying on five or more different data sources for their studies​,” they told us. “Findings from the Tufts-eClinical Solutions Data Strategies and Transformation Study demonstrate that the amount of data collected from trials has created barriers in effectively leveraging data sources and has impacted cycle times.”

“At the same time, the tools for managing and publishing the data to stakeholders have not kept pace with the rate of change. This has caused significant delays in getting treatments to market,​” the spokesperson added.

What’s more, the spokesperson told OSP, an increased emphasis on speed and accessibility, and interest in increasing decentralized trial options, sponsors are seeing a need to update existing studies, capture missed visits, doses and other events, and more.

“We’re seeing greater investments and reliance on technology and in risk-based models. New technologies like elluminate can help organizations prepare for digital transformation initiatives and manage these evolving clinical data requirements for improved oversight and visibility into critical trial data​,” they said.

Raj Indupuri, eClinical Solutions CEO, said sites and sponsors also are looking to speed up cycle times, relying on advanced data solutions to help do the job.

“We are helping sponsors decrease cycle times and improve the clinical development process by providing faster access to data and automating data review​,” he said. “With increasing data complexity and industry pressures on speed to market, life sciences companies must modernize their technology infrastructure and adopt clinical data platforms like elluminate to minimize impacts on trial timelines​.”

“Trial times are always important, and condensing these timelines means that vital new treatments and therapies can be delivered as quickly as possible on the market to patients who need them​,” the spokesperson commented. “We’re thinking beyond COVID-19 to critical impacts to timelines; there is an unmet medical need across the board in life sciences, and eClinical Solutions’ technology and technology-enabled services, as outlined above, can help streamline data collection and review to accelerate trial​s.”

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