elluminate Value Calculator (EVC)

As the digitization of clinical trials continues to accelerate, so do the challenges.

This 5-minute, multiple choice tool asks your current processes, people, and technology and calculates the opportunities available with elluminate to overcome the challenge of integrating, standardizing, and analyzing the variety of study data from multiple sources and systems.

The elluminate ® Clinical Data Cloud is a modern data and analytics infrastructure that enables seamless data flows within a central location – automating and streamlining your clinical data pipeline for:

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Faster time to insights for improved decision-making
  • Increased productivity across teams in days and people

Find out how much you can save your organization today and start the elluminate Value Calculator!

Gain insight into where you can save

Find out how elluminate can decrease your costs, increase productivity, reduce cycle time, and give better insight to your clinical trial results.
Operational Savings

Reducing reliance on time-consuming manual processes by standardizing, automating data ingestion, transformation & normalization which empower analytics that help you answer operational questions helping optimize the operation of your trial.

Cycle Time Reduction

When your data teams can automate data ingestion and transformation from multiple sources centralizing all the data happens faster, allowing decision makers to act on data insights faster.

IT Costs

Embracing a managed, secure, cloud data repository with data ETL, manipulation and analytics tools, reduces the infrastructure, management, and support costs. 

Deferred Hiring Savings

Efficiencies achieved through the consolidation, management  and statistical analysis of medical monitoring, clinical operations and programming data help your current team do more deferring hires; extending your savings.

Increase Trial Productivity

Productivity increases are tangible from site selections, performance monitoring, trial issue identification and resolution including monitoring safety. Data aggregation, ingestions, cleaning, and standardization while centralizing access provide further efficiency in planning future trials with past insights.

Seven integrated products, one easy-to-use platform

The elluminate Clinical Data Cloud is the foundation of digital trials. elluminate gives life sciences organizations self-service access to all their data from one centralized location; plus advanced analytics that helps them make smarter business decisions faster.
Map & standardize data from any source - all without programming
Data Central
Centralize and simplify data review and management
Clinical Analytics
Comprehensive analytics for optimized data review & operational insight.
Operational Insights
Own, access and leverage all your data for operational insights and efficiency at any scale
Transform numerous data streams into actionable analytics and statistically significant insights
Statistical Computing Environment
Increase the efficiency, traceability, and visibility of statistical analyses
elluminate IQ
Create efficiencies across clinical data review processes with AI-enabled data review

Use the elluminate Value Calculator to see where you can gain efficiencies and savings!

Companies who use elluminate see

Significant Cycle Time Reduction

elluminate reduces time to access your EDC and no-EDC/CRF including decentralized trial data. It can also reduce LPLV to completed statistical analysis times.

Productivity Efficiencies Across Departments

Productivity gains will allow your existing team to process more trial tasks faster and reduce cycle times. This will allow you to execute more trials with your existing team deferring hiring as you scale.

Utilize this value calculator to see how much you can save in new hires and deferred employees.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about elluminate and its results

I can say with complete confidence
that elluminate has been proven to generate fully compliant SDTM datasets.

Bob O’Connor
Associate Director, Clinical Data Systems
Agios Pharmaceuticals

I’ve been looking for a product like this throughout my career
We’re really excited about the future of what elluminate’s going to bring us and a long relationship with eClinical Solutions.

David Rucker
Business Capabilities Lead, CDW
Bristol Myers Squibb

I don’t know how you could run today’s trials without elluminate.
As our studies become more complicated and because we have more data streams coming in, we really need a platform like elluminate to bring all of those data sources together.

Ted Snyder
Director of Clinical Informatics
Praxis Precision Medicines

See where you can save on your clinical trials with this savings calculator

Find out how much you can save with elluminate

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On-demand Webinar:
The Value of Specialized Partner Models in a Data-Rich Environment


On-demand Webinar:
The Value of Specialized Partner Models in a Data-Rich Environment