elluminate® Data Central brings together all of the data associated with your clinical trial into a single platform for integrated data review and management – from any data source.

Clinical trials have become increasingly complex, and the number of clinical data sources being used continues to rise. This brings unique challenges for data management teams working with disparate systems and varied formats. The all new Data Central capability from elluminate is the answer to today’s trial data review complexities.

With Data Central, data managers and medical reviewers collaborate to quickly and effectively manage study data, and produce a high-quality database in near real time by resolving queries and other data issues without having to access disparate systems, spreadsheets and listings.


  • Save Time Reviewing Data – One environment for all data management activities
  • Improve Data Quality – Targeted, role-based data review highlights areas needing attention
  • Manage Data More Effectively – Work proactively with early, holistic study data insights

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  • Integrated Data Review – One place to review, comment, and raise issues on any data or listings
  • Actionable Analytics – Drill down to source data and raise issues directly from within visualizations
  • Role-based Review – Identify, review, assign, track and resolve issues according to role

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